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Why Car Insurance Discounts Must Be Approved By State Program Laws

Car insurance helps to keep motorists safe while traveling on the roadways. The laws of the highways are often regulated by local state governments. The reasoning behind the laws is often not known or understood by the general public. Many laws were enacted due to past problems with motorists. Car insurance discounts must first be approved by state program laws to ensure that drivers are equally protected through their car insurance policies.

Car insurance discounts are often given to those who have clean driving records. The first car insurance rates that you are offered from an insurance quote are based on your background with the different states you have lived in. Following basic local state laws such as staying within the speed limit, parking in approved areas, and renewing your state permits for driving on time is important.

Car insurance rates can be dramatically affected by breaking certain laws that are not misdemeanors while on the road. For example, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can negatively affect your car insurance rates. The rates will definitely go up, due to the risk of injury to others and yourself.

State laws may approve which courses are allowed to offset receiving certain traffic tickets or court problems. Examples of approved state programs are defensive driving classes or online driver’s education classes that help to lower your car insurance rates when taken. Some states have approved laws that allow for teens to receive reduced insurance premiums by taking defensive driving courses.

Your state may require that all drivers carry certain types of coverage. Examples include the state requiring a certain dollar amount of uninsured motorists’ bodily injury insurance coverage, property damage liability costs, and bodily injury per person and per accident. All of these coverage types would have to be included in car insurance rates.

State program laws may regulate the amount of and type of insurance coverage that you are required to have. The amount of and coverage type may differ based on if the vehicle is for personal of business use. Understanding exactly what your state law requirements are will help you understand how low, realistically, your car insurance rates can be.

Some states’ insurance requirements are based on how court cases involving accidents are handled. Many state laws automatically give each accident the status as being no fault or it will be tried to see who is at fault. Illinois, for example, is an at fault state. The court proceeding will automatically find the insurance company and insured driver financially responsible for the monetary damages associated with the accident. It is important to keep the required amount of car insurance, which is provided through your car insurance policy.

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