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Lower Car Insurance Rates – 8 Tips

Car insurance rates are one of the biggest components in the cost of owning a car. It makes good sense for car owners to find the lowest car insurance rate possible. Following the suggestions may help you find the best auto insurance rates.

Tip #1: Compare rates There are hundreds of insurance companies with hundreds of car insurance rates. Comparison shopping is vital and will result in a better rate. Tip #2: Increase the deductible One of the biggest determinants of auto insurance rates is the amount of the deductible or the amount of money the car owner pays before the insurance company pays. Increasing the deductible amount can significantly lower the monthly car insurance rate. Tip #3: Evaluate the age and equipment of the vehicle The age of a vehicle influences auto insurance rates. The value of older vehicles is less, so their insurance rates will be less. Certain safety equipment such as air bags, anti-lock brakes and alarm systems will lower insurance rates.

Tip #4: Evaluate the age of the driver Age is of critical importance when insuring drivers. Senior drivers over age 50 can get much lower rates than younger people between 18 and 25. But young people who have good grades in school and who have taken drivers training classes get lower rates than their peers who don’t meet these criteria.

Tip #5: Evaluate the sex of the driver Women of any age receive lower car insurance rates than their male counterparts.

Tip #6: Reduce the amount of driving Driving fewer miles each day can significantly reduce auto insurance rates. Using the bus system or participating in a carpool has definite financial benefits for car owners.

Tip #7: Reduce extra coverage Insurance policies can include many unnecessary features. Such features might be towing coverage in case of a breakdown, roadside assistance to repair minor mechanical problems, provision of a rental car in case of accident or replacement of a broken window or windshield. While these are convenient features, they definitely increase the car insurance rates.

Tip #8: Drive smart The driving history and habits of the owner are of prime importance to the cost of the insurance. Smart driving results in lower car insurance rates.

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