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Car Insurance Quotes: What Factors are Under My Control?

Auto insurance quotes are based on a number of variables. In general, auto insurance is more costly than most drivers would like, which is why people search for cheap insurance quotes online and look for ways to reduce their premiums. Fortunately, there are a number of factors used to calculate premiums that are under your control:

The type of car you drive: When you’re searching for cheap insurance quotes online, the type of car you drive will influence the quotes you receive. If you drive a powerful sports car, expect coverage for this vehicle to be more costly than it would be for a sensible sedan. If lowering your insurance costs is important to you, consider trading in your performance vehicle for something more sensible.

Where you park your car: If you can, park your car away from the side of the road, preferably in a locked location like a garage. This can lower your insurance costs, as there will be a lower risk of accidents, vandalism, and theft.

Your credit: A good credit record is essential for many reasons, and it will also help you get reasonable auto insurance quotes. Keep your credit record spotless by paying credit card bills on time and in full, limiting the number of inquiries on your record, and not taking out excessive credit.

Your driving record: If you’ve never had a driving infraction, your chances of getting cheap insurance quotes online are much higher. Drive within the speed limit, wear your seatbelt, and don’t drink and drive – maintaining a good driving record to get excellent auto insurance quotes is entirely within your control.

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