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Looking At Car Insurance Quotes After A Long Break In Coverage

Finding affordable car insurance, especially after a lapse in coverage, can seem like an impossible task. As you likely now know, in order to be eligible for the lowest premiums for car insurance coverage, you need to maintain an active auto car insurance policy for a minimum of six months, and in some cases, at least a year. Unfortunately, the reasoning for your lapse in car insurance coverage does not really matter — you could sell your only vehicle, you could have a medical reason for not being able to drive, or have any other legitimate reason for cancelling your auto insurance — without prejudice, you will end up paying more for your auto car insurance. Even though you will initially be paying more for your auto insurance, you can still find affordable car insurance. Here's how you can do it.

The best way to find the lowest auto insurance rates is to check rates with a large number of insurance providers. While the process can be extensively time consuming and even cumbersome, it doesn't have to be. Instead of looking for car insurance through traditional means — driving to individual insurance companies or brokers, or calling each company individually — you can get a car insurance quote online. By getting a car insurance quote online, you're not only minimizing the amount of time you spend on the process, but generally, you will receive more quotes from a single auto insurance quote request online than through the traditional channels.

Now, there is a point that should not be overlooked when you're trying to acquire affordable car insurance after a lapse in coverage — the “regular' cost of the insurance policy after you've satisfied the requirements for continuous coverage. Just because a certain company offers the lowest car insurance coverage rates today, when you are working to re-establish your insurance history, that does not mean that they will necessarily be the most affordable insurer once you have been removed from the high-risk pool. Once you have received your preliminary policy premium quote, it may be a good idea for you to discuss potential premium discounts and how they can affect the cost of your auto insurance policy renewals.

There is no denying it: it can be costly to restart an auto insurance policy after an extended break in coverage. However, while your initial quote may not be as affordable as you might hope, it's a necessary part of the ongoing game that we all must play. Regardless, you can still find affordable car insurance if you take the time to compare multiple quotes, and find out which renewal discounts apply to your prospective insurance company.

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