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Car Insurance Quotes And How They Are Affected By After Market Parts

When shopping around for online car insurance quotes, a driver must keep in mind the condition of his or her vehicle. Adding after market parts to a vehicle can either raise or even lower the price of the car insurance quotes. Here are three examples of after market additions and their potential effect on a car insurance quote:

Alarms and/or Theft Deterrent Systems

Installing an alarm and/or theft deterrent system on your vehicle is definitely an added bonus to any prospective car insurance provider. There are many different types of alarms and theft deterrent systems, including but not limited to: steering wheel locks, ignition kill switch, sirens, flashing lights, and GPS recovery. All of these in any combination do well to lower your car insurance quote because of the less-likely target for thievery and mischief. When negotiating your car insurance quote, include any such systems you have installed on your vehicle. You may be required to provide proof of such, so be prepared to provide details if necessary.

Customized Parts

The customized parts category encompasses a wide spectrum of after market parts for your vehicle, from special fender add-ons and spoilers, to larger rims and tires, modified shocks and springs, or exclusive paint schemes and colors. These sort of add-ons and customizations can increase your car insurance quote because they are not considered OEM, or Original Equipment Manufactured. If you are involved in an accident or suffer a loss to parts or even all of your vehicle, the pricing will not be consistent with a stock car of the same make and model. In addition, you may require specialists to replicate the customization, such as a special paint job. Some or all of these may require additional forms of insurance or policy inclusions to be fully covered.

Performance Parts

Increasing the performance of your engine and transmission or other functions of your car can definitely affect your car insurance quote for several reasons. The car is designed by the manufacturer to meet certain stresses and conditions. Changing the performance of the vehicle can make it faster and flashier. This increases the likelihood of theft or accidents for the driver. Performance-racing parts can also cause your vehicle to be placed in a different category of vehicle than if it was in stock-model condition. These types of special modifications can also call for additional types of insurance or special policies to be fully covered.

Any time you add or take away from your vehicle you can change the value, performance or appearance of it. In turn, this can change online car insurance quotes. Shop around and find which policy and/or coverage is right for your vehicle.

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