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Car Insurance For Drivers Who Do Not Own Vehicles

If you don't own a car and don't have insurance, it's illegal to drive a borrowed vehicle even if it is insured. If you drive borrowed vehicles, a car insurance accident claim could hold you responsible for repairs and medical expenses if you don't have the correct coverage. Fortunately, many companies offer non-owner car insurance, also known as an operator policy designed to cover a driver without vehicles. In addition to protecting you from personal liability, an operator policy can protect you in case the vehicle's owner does not have car insurance accident benefits that cover the total claim amount.

An operator or non-owner insurance policy is a second level of personal protection that kicks in after the owner's primary coverage. In the event of a car accident, the owner's insurance policy will cover the damage, but when the driver's policy is not enough, the insurance company will come to you for the rest. By purchasing an operator policy intended for a driver without vehicles, you are protected if you are driving an underinsured vehicle. As a secondary policy, non-owner insurance only kicks in after the owner's primary policy benefits have been exhausted. Like standard car insurance policies, non-owner coverage can be supplemented with underinsured and uninsured driver coverage in case you are injured by a driver who has minimal coverage or fails to meet state insurance requirements.

With a non-owner car insurance policy, drivers are protected against personal liability and medical expenses incurred due to an accident. Because operator policies only cover medical expenses and personal liability, they are generally much cheaper than standard car insurance policies that include comprehensive and collision coverage. Since operator policies are designed to cover the driver and not the vehicle, vehicle towing, rental car reimbursements and other benefits are only provided with traditional auto insurance policies.

Non-owner policies are ideal for dependents that drive the family car but are excluded from coverage under the primary insured's policy. College students who drive the family car on school breaks are also good candidates for an operator's policy that protects them in every car they drive. Drivers who have broken regulations and require SR-22 coverage can purchase an operator's policy to satisfy insurance coverage requirements.

Whether you drive a work vehicle or borrow cars from family and friends, purchasing an operator's policy ensures you are always protected and legally allowed to drive on the road. Whether you are an occasional driver with minimal insurance needs or a driver with SR-22 requirements, purchasing an operator's policy is a simple and affordable way to satisfy insurance requirements without breaking the budget.

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