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When Car Insurance Covers Break-Ins

All car insurance agencies offer unique forms of coverage. In the case of a break-in, a comprehensive insurance policy seems to be the most complete. There are some cases where items may be reimbursed under your homeowner’s policy in lieu of an auto plan with high coverage. Here’s what else you should know about break-ins and car insurance:

Explore a Comprehensive Coverage Plan

When searching for a car insurance policy, some won’t cover damages and items stolen during a break-in. But under the umbrella of comprehensive coverage, most policies will cover the damages to the auto as well as reimbursement for the stolen items. However, this is minus the deductible paid by the policy holder.

Car insurance rates with a comprehensive arm can vary. However, increasing your deductible can greatly offset the cost of your premiums. This sort of coverage is ideal for those with new cars with many added features. It also makes sense for a driver who owns a vehicle that is a high risk for theft.

When you buy a policy, check which items are covered in case of a theft or vandalism. Typical items covered under a comprehensive plan:

• Damage to windows, doors, and locks
• Custom parts: those items permanently installed or attached to the automobile
• Car stereo equipment, built-in DVD players, and air bags
• Damage by something other than an accident, such as a car jacking

Collision Car Policies and Break-ins

The main form of insurance that drivers typically obtain includes collision and liability. This covers the medical expenses and vehicle repairs due to an accident. Such a plan normally offers little coverage for property damage if theft occurs. However, comprehensive insurance covers everything that collision usually does not.

A Policy Should Be Customized to Your Needs

A balanced car insurance policy usually includes both collision and comprehensive coverage. To get the best protection from theft, choose the level of coverage right for your situation. For example, you may benefit from an enhanced policy if you travel in high risk areas. Also, there are special add-ons to policies that cover custom parts inside the vehicle, like GPS systems or audio equipment.

The average deductible amount for a comprehensive policy holder is somewhere between $500 and $1,000. The total cost of insurance will largely depend on the value of your auto and other factors, such as your age and driving record. Plus, most insurance agents will offer you a discount rate if there is a security system installed in the vehicle.

Keep in mind, auto insurance agents will combine a comprehensive policy that can include specific sections to meet your needs.

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