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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers gives car insurance lesson

John Egan

One of the perks of being the quarterback who led his team to a Super Bowl championship is that lucrative endorsement deals tend to come at you faster than a defensive lineman.

Since quarterbacking the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl XLV victory in February over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Aaron Rodgers has signed a few endorsement deals, including ones with Milwaukee’s Associated Bank and ESPN Milwaukee. He also plugged Disney in a post-Super Bowl commercial. (For his on-the-field success, Rodgers just picked up the 2011 “Best NFL Player” honor at ESPN’s ESPY awards program.)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears in an ad for a personal injury law firm in Milwaukee.

But in an unintentional nod to all of the Packers “Cheeseheads” — fans of the NFL team who don gigantic hats shaped like a wedge of cheddar cheese — Rodgers is appearing in some cheesy TV ads for Gruber Law Offices LLC, a Milwaukee law firm that handles car accidents and other personal injury cases. In one of the TV spots, Rodgers and personal injury attorney David Gruber team up to teach viewers about car insurance.

‘Hi, I’m Aaron Rodgers’

“Hi, I’m Aaron Rodgers,” the ad begins. “David Gruber and I have been discussing what protections auto insurance provides if you’re in an accident. There are four types of coverage, right David?”

“Right,” Gruber responds.

(Before we go any further, are we really supposed to believe that Rodgers and Gruber have been gabbing about car insurance? You’d think they would have been dishing about the NFL lockout or reliving the Packers’ Super Bowl glory.)

Gruber then ticks off the types of car insurance you can buy:

  • “Liability coverage protects you if you cause an accident.”
  • “Medical payments coverage helps cover medical bills.”
  • “Uninsured coverage protects you if the other driver does not have insurance.”
  • “Underinsured coverage protects if you if the other driver doesn’t have enough.”

Back to Aaron…

“Speak with your agent to make sure you’re fully protected,” Rodgers says.

(Actually, Aaron, we think that’s good advice.)

Finally, back to David …

“Gruber Law Offices. One call, that’s all.”

In the car insurance commercial, Rodgers and Gruber (both wearing dark suits) are seated in generic dark chairs that are placed in front of a polished-wood office table. Behind them is a blue background. Rodgers’ Super Bowl ring is clearly visible on his right hand.

‘Exceptional role model’

What, you say, prompted Rodgers to do ads for a personal injury attorney? Well, we can figure out the basic reason: Money.

In a posting on its website, A.V. Club Milwaukee offers further insight: “We can only speculate as to what favors Gruber called in to nab Rodgers for these commercials, or just how listless and frightfully available the ongoing NFL lockout has rendered the Super Bowl MVP.”

Gruber tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he met Rodgers last year at a fundraising event.

“I believe Aaron serves as an exceptional role model for others, most importantly the youth of our society,” Gruber says in an email to the Journal Sentinel. “Aaron is young, aggressive and believes in doing the right thing for others, as I do. He carries himself with class at all times. Aaron is an inspiration to others with his work ethic, passion and leadership, both on and off the field. “

Gruber adds: “I would like to believe that Gruber Law Offices shows the same competitive spirit and passion for our clients and the community. We are truly honored that Aaron has chosen to partner with us.”

By the way, we’re pretty sure Rodgers’ passionless on-air performance in the Gruber ads won’t win him any MVP awards.

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