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I know it’s probably cold where you are. Arctic even. But we at CarInsuranceQuotes HQ wanted to share a little bit of our Californian sunshine (humblebrag alert!) by showing our favorite car-b-ques. 

It’s hard to know what came first – someone realizing that their car was the perfect host for a serious grilling session or the irresistible portmanteau that’s the word “car-b-que”. But whichever came first, car-b-ques are here to stay – and continue to be the star of any tailgate party.

Here are some car-b-ques that really raise the (radiator) heat.

1. Roadster to roasting

This chap was going to convert his VW Cabriolet into a roadster but, for reasons unexplained, decided it would function much better as a grill. Who are we to argue? 


Photo via Hooniverse

2. The whole hog

I know when I grill some burgers, I want a comfortable seat to enjoy them – none of this standing around and letting ketchup drip down my jeans business. The creator of this ingenious car-b-que goes all out to create a grilling and dining experience like no other. 


Photo via Refined Guy

3. Great advertising

This car-b-que gets bonus style points having flame lovingly embossed on the side of the car. Perfect advertising for some unconventional grilling.


Photo via Todays Cycle Coverage

4. Dogs, not donuts. 

Some enterprising cops in Bend, Oregon, decided to convert a cop car with a faulty transmission into a grill that can also fight crime – well, not the last part. As Bend Interim Chief Jim Porter says, the car-b-que is “a good civic outreach tool for the police department.” Indeed.


Photo via The Bend Bulletin

Have you seen even wackier car-b-ques? Let us know in the comments below. 

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