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How to Buy Car Insurance at the Right Time

Before a new car is taken on the road, or an old car that has recently come into an owner’s possession is taken out of the garage, it must be properly and fully insured. Penalties for failing to do so can range from direction to stop driving immediately to the seizure of the vehicle, and the fines for driving without insurance can be astronomical. It is always better to err on the side of caution and ensure that your car insurance is up to date and fully paid before even setting out on the road. A forgotten liability card at home on the nightstand is one thing – no insurance is another animal entirely. For many consumers, however, just finding insurance isn’t enough. With the wide variance of both add-on coverage, deductible options and coverage limits, seeking out the best car insurance quote can often turn into a game of sorts. But how can a consumer know when the right time to buy insurance has arrived?

The first sign the time has arrived is when a new car purchase is almost concluded, or the money has been handed over in a private sale. Even if the “best” deal has not yet been located, a dealership will require proof of insurance before they will let the vehicle be removed from the lot. A private seller will not care if you have insurance, but the police will, and a fine for having no insurance will make it far harder to obtain new insurance in the future. If a new car is merely on the horizon, however, and car insurance quote information is simply being collected, there are a few things to bear in mind about what constitutes the “right” time.

First, look for any specials being offered by the company. Certain times of year or methods of purchase may come with discounts attached to them, sometimes substantial ones. Next, do some research on current insurance trends. If the insurance rates in your area have trended up for the past five years, waiting is probably a bad idea. If a downward trend is noticed, then waiting is a possibility. Bear in mind, however, that a single disaster or significant financial loss can instantly change the insurance landscape. No matter how long you wait or how many deals you compare, finding an absolutely perfect quote is unlikely.

The key in buying car insurance is to do the research before you get the car so that you are fully prepared and can evaluate each quote as it comes your way. The more you know about your car and the car insurance industry, the easier it will be to spot the right time to buy car insurance.

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