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What Does an Auto Insurance Company Consider a Car Modification?

When deciding whether or not to modify your vehicle, you may ask yourself what you want to do, how much it would cost, and how difficult it would be. You may consider how the car will run after you’ve made changes and modifications. But what so many people forget to ask is: will this affect my auto insurance quote?

It’s important to consider the ramifications a car modification will have to the price of your car insurance. For most people, auto insurance is expensive enough without adding to it! Be sure to consider the key elements before making such a decision.

Will a car mod cause your auto insurance to skyrocket?

In most cases, the price of your car insurance will not be drastically affected by basic modifications, but it’s hard to be too certain without gathering all the information. For most insurance providers, any modifications that change the basic, original configuration of your car will result in a higher price.

But how do you know if that applies to your own insurance? That’s where you may need to find auto insurance quotes online, compare the changed prices, and find the cheapest one. can provide you with multiple quotes, showing you who will be cheapest should you decide to modify your car.

What do the auto insurance companies look for in modifications?

The two most definitive answers are value and performance. Making any alteration or modification to your automobile that increases the value of the car or the performance will also increase the price of your insurance. Better wheels and hubcaps, a faster engine, and better suspension all make the car perform better and carry a higher value. This means the insurance increases. If you can drive the car faster, you also pose a greater risk of a traffic collision.

Some auto insurance quotes online will not increase as much with those modifications. If the changes to your car are important to you, but your car insurance rates go up after you make them, consider finding another insurance provider that won’t inflate prices.

Small mod vs. big mod

Your car insurance pricing all depends on incremental factors – so the same is true for the modifications you’ve made to your cars. Not all changes are equal! Make a few small alterations and your insurance might not change at all. But larger modifications, specifically to the engine, will almost certainly cost you a higher insurance price.

So before you begin modifying your car, check your own insurance to see how it’ll affect your payments. If you find out the payments go up, check for a better provider. Just because you modify your car doesn’t mean you have to pay outrageous costs for auto insurance.

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