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9 auto blogs you should be reading right now

Nick DiUlio

Perhaps no other object inspires the same amount of love and lust as the car. From casual enthusiasts to expert technicians, the auto world is an endless source of dedication, admiration and – often – obsession. If your heart beats to the rhythm of a revving engine, you may want to take a ride with these nine outstanding auto blogs.

1. Jalopnik

If you’re looking for a blog dedicated to all things auto, Jalopnik can’t be beat. This daily blog focuses on “news and gossip for those obsessed with the cult of cars” and includes well-written articles on topics ranging from test drives to reviews of films that feature a lot of driving. And Jalopnik doesn’t shy away from quirkiness. For instance, a recent article was titled “The Ten Worst Traffic Cops in the U.S.” Jalopnik lives up to its motto: “Drive Free or Die.”

2. Consumer Reports Car Forum

For several decades, Consumer Reports has reigned supreme when it comes to honest and thorough analysis of vehicle performance and reliability. In addition to its usual batch of articles and opinion columns, the Consumer Reports website also offers an online forum loaded with reader questions, answers and anecdotes about all sorts of automotive topics.  If you have a question about maintenance, repair or car buying, the forums contain a wide range of knowledge.

3. AutoblogGreen

With so much discussion about green auto technology these days, it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming to sort through the static. And that’s why AutoblogGreen was founded on Earth Day 2006. This daily blog “obsessively covers all environmentally friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news” and provides countless articles on everything from vehicle reviews to sneak peeks of concept cars that aren’t on the road yet. If you’re interested in going (or staying) green with your ride, bookmark AutoblogGreen.

4. Pet Auto Safety

Anyone who owns a pet knows that at some point the car and the animal will have to meet (perhaps for the annual checkup at the vet). Take the mystery out of the equation by visiting Pet Auto Safety. This blog covers everything you need to know about traveling safely with your furry friends. These pet-loving bloggers cover it all, including reviews on car harnesses, tips for pet-friendly road trips, and tutorials on how to make sure your car is as pet-ready as possible.

5. The Unmuffled Auto News

Created by a 14-year-old car nut named Candler, this auto blog bills itself as “a car blog for kids.” Every Tuesday and Friday, Candler writes about his passion for autos, and he does so with impressive wit and articulation. Whether he’s discussing the evolution of the Mustang or posting a photo essay about unusual cars and trucks he sees while walking home from school, Candler is no amateur in the world of auto blogging. Despite its endearing tagline, The Unmuffled Auto News is a car blog for all ages.

6. CarSeatBlog

Focused on all things related to carrying kids safely in cars, this blog was created by three moms and a dad who publish product announcements, product reviews, news, conference and trade show reports, and occasional rants and raves about whatever’s on their minds. There’s educational content for motoring parents and many articles dedicated to in-depth evaluations of family vehicles, including SUVs and minivans, with a parent’s perspective on installation of safety and car seats. It’s a key blog for learning about how to protect your precious cargo.

7. Edmunds

Whether you’re an expert mechanic, an arm-chair auto enthusiast or just someone seeking advice on buying a new or used vehicle, Edmunds probably has what you’re looking for. Loaded with tips and advice on everything from buying car insurance to finding a career in the automotive industry, Edmunds is unmatched in its scope.

8. Motor Authority

This handsomely designed auto blog focuses exclusively on the world of luxury and performance vehicles, with regular updates about “the finest vehicles on the market today.” Started in 2006 as a small enthusiast website, Motor Authority has since grown to become one of the most popular car blogs on the web, for industry and non-industry types alike. Whether you’re thinking of buying an expensive luxury car or just want to drool over some of the latest and greatest high-performance vehicles on the market, pay a visit to Motor Authority.

9. Cars For Girls

Created by longtime car dealership owner Hilary Green, Cars For Girls is designed to make the car-buying experience as fun, painless and educational as possible. “I want to eliminate the mystery and hopefully the fears regarding all aspects of the automobile industry,” Green says. Green’s goal is to make shopping at a car dealership “as comfortable as going to the store,” and everything about her blog — from its fresh feel to its conversational tone — works toward achieving that.

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