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Au revoir, Delahaye!

This past weekend was the second one in March… and that means it was the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance! One part of this automobile-themed charity event is the collectible car auction, where people get to bid on some pretty schmexy vehicles.

This year’s auction totals came out to $66.8M… not a bad haul! The most sought-after and expensive collectible car at the auction was a 1937 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Torpedo Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi. (It went for $6.6M.)

What is that sound?

Oh, it’s me drooling.

Photo courtesy of RM Auctions

A CNBC article shares: “The car had been owned by the famed collector and car dealer Malcolm Pray, whose wife playfully nicknamed the car ‘Malcom’s French Mistress’ because of his fondness for the car.”

Well, now the Frenchie is off with someone new and they lived happily ever after, while the rest of us cried because we wanted it, too.

Au revoir, Delahaye!

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