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Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Opens New Rental Car Center

When traveling from place to place, renting a car is sometimes a necessity. Whether the final destination is far from the airport or renting is just an added convenience when visiting the Atlanta, Georgia area, car rental centers are an important part of any airport’s system. Countless airports such as Newark Liberty Airport, Tampa International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and New York’s JFK Airport already have pre-existing car rental centers. However, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has one of the newest!

Opening in November, this new car rental center cost nearly $640 million, according to A quick five minute trip on an elevated train system will get passengers to and from the new car rental center. All car rental companies will be operated from the airport. This will cause less confusion to potential customers who are looking for car rentals as all car rental companies will be in one central place in the airport.

All residents near the airport as well as other people who travel to and from the airlines within it are being informed of the new car rental center. In a recent press conference, the General Manager of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Ben DeCosta, stressed how convenient it will be when travelers know exactly where to go for their cars.

Ultimately, the new car rental center at the airport is part of an additional Capital Improvement Program within the airport. This program will add another $6 billion worth of changes and improvements to Hartsfield-Jackson in the years to come.

For those needing car rentals, this new car center will be convenient. When looking for car rentals, it’s important to consider car insurance as well. Car insurance premiums and car insurance rates are two important factors to consider and research prior to renting a car from any airport center. Often, many drivers do not realize that they are already covered when driving a rental car, so they do not have a need to purchase additional car rental insurance. Contact your auto insurance provider prior to approving your car rental reservation to confirm all of these details. Ultimately, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and if trouble arises, you do not want to be responsible for the costs incurred.

A car rental center can answer any additional questions regarding renting a car, coverage applied, and any additional taxes or fees added to the rate. A car rental center at an airport is just another added convenience provided to travelers by the world’s busiest airport.

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