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Anti Theft Devices And Their Effect On Car Insurance

These days, there's something else much higher than car insurance: crime. Regardless where you live, crime is increasing rapidly. With rising crime, certain crimes are higher. One of those crimes is car thefts. Regardless what type of vehicle you own, if it can drive, then criminals will try to steal it.

If you own a vehicle, anti theft devices may be worth your investment for more reasons than one. One reason deals with your car insurance premiums. Auto insurance companies offer car insurance discounts to policyholders who install any type of anti theft tracking device on their automobile. This shows the insurance provider that you are reducing the risk of having your vehicle stolen. Thus, they reward you by saving you money with a discount on your car insurance premiums. In addition, some states require insurance providers to automatically pass these insurance discounts on to policyholders.

Be aware, however, that these car insurance discounts vary by location and insurance companies. For example, areas with an above average crime rate are likely to receive lower monthly premium rates more so than areas with average crime rates. It is best to discuss this matter with your insurance agent prior to purchasing any anti-theft devices.

Another reason to consider purchasing car security devices is for protection. With vehicles being stolen every 25 seconds, you have to be cautious. No unprotected vehicle is safe from thieves.

There are various types of theft devices. The most well-known device is the club. The club is the leading mechanical auto theft device, more appropriately, a steering wheel lock, that fits all vehicles. Another security device is LoJack Car Recovery System. With LoJack, you are going beyond preventing car theft: you are helping police do their job a littler easier. This is possible because a small radio frequency transceiver is hidden inside the vehicle. This LoJack equipped car is now combined with police computer systems, which has data on all assigned vehicle identification numbers (VIN). When the police are notified about a stolen LoJack equipped car, the LoJack sends a signal to the law enforcement's LoJack tracking unit. Thus, the car is recovered.

Some auto manufacturers equip vehicles with security devices such as audible car alarms and immobilizers. Regardless of what type of car security device you choose, just make sure it is right for you. And just as important, make sure your insurance provider rewards your safety efforts with an insurance discount. Safety is important, and saving money is essential as well. By protecting your prized possession – your vehicle – you are handling both situations with the knowledge that you and your car will be safe and sound.

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