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How Airbags And Other Safety Features Affect Car Insurance Quotes

Every person who purchases car insurance would like to get the best deal that they can. However, the best deal should not come at the cost of sacrificing important coverage. Fortunately for today's drivers, there are many different added safety features that can lower your car insurance quote. When a driver insures a vehicle with any of the features below, they can expect an overall discount of 10% or more on their car insurance quotes.

Adding an anti theft device such as the Lo-Jack system to your vehicle will often allow drivers to get significant discounts on their insurance policy. This is mainly due to the fact that the Lo-Jack device has a vehicle tracking system that will allow your vehicle to be traced and recovered if it is stolen. Insurance companies will normally give up to a 10% discount on such equipment since it is itself a type of insurance that the car will not be unrecoverable if it is ever taken. Car alarms will usually get a discount for policy holders as well. Car alarms that are automatically armed are normally worth a larger discount than those that are manually armed, since the latter type need for the driver to activate them in order for them to be of any value. In some cases Car Insurance quotes will be lowered on car alarms only when the vehicle is also equipped with an engine immobilizer. This is a powerful theft deterrent since it can stop the engine when the key is not inserted, meaning that hot wiring the vehicle is not possible.

Another vehicle safety feature that may help insurance policy holders to get discounts is an anti-lock brake system. Most new cars today come equipped with this feature, and it can help lower the cost on most policies. Air bags are often a feature that will allow policy holders to get an extra discount, especially if their vehicle has both front and side airbag coverage. Side airbags will often mean a bigger discount than only having front airbags since they provide extra safety. While all vehicles come equipped with safety belts, not all drivers use them. A vehicle that has an automatic seat belt system insures that drivers will wear seat belts and therefore increases their safety dramatically. An automatic seat belt system will usually provide at least a small additional discount on an insurance policy.

There are a number of added features, most notably the ones listed above, that will help the insured to stay safe and get insurance discounts as well.

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