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Age Groups And Their Effect On Car Insurance Quotes

Age and car insurance premiums are closely linked. Car insurance quotes consider a driver's age as a large part of the way insurance rates are computed. There are different rate settings for drivers of all ages, but three specific groups have specific rate differential. Ages are divided into teens and young adults, middle aged drivers, and seniors. Each group pays different car insurance quotes for different reasons, based on national trends that track the number of accidents that drivers in each group are involved in on a regular basis. Not every driver in each age group is represented by the accident averages, but insurance companies need to use these basic trends to develop basic beginning rates.

Probably the most expensive age group for car insurance quotes is teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, this demographic has the most obvious link between age and car insurance. New drivers are involved in a much higher percentage of accidents than any other group of people. Teenage boys and young men are charged the highest amount for their basic car insurance because research has shown that this group of drivers tend to drive faster than other drivers and do not always pay attention to driving safely. The speed and recklessness of young drivers makes them much more prone to being involved in automobile accidents. This higher risk level means that an insurance agency must charge higher premiums to cover the potential claims.

The best car insurance quote rates are provided for drivers who are middle aged. These drivers tend to be in the most stable part of their lives. They are typically married and driving to and from work using the same routes every day. Middle aged drivers do not tend to drive late at night when it is the most dangerous time to be on the road. Drivers who spend quite a bit of time driving may not get a large discount on their car insurance because they have more opportunities to be in a collision simply through being on the road more often, but most middle aged individuals receive much lower quotes than young adults or senior citizens.

Once a person reaches their older years, their car insurance quotes will begin to rise again. Older drivers can be involved in more accidents for many reasons. Their eyesight may deteriorate, which can make them less able to react to unexpected changes in the traffic. Some seniors have slower reaction times in general, which can cause them to be less able to stop quickly when necessary or swerve out of the way when there is a problem. Some insurance companies offer discounts for seniors who take driving tests.

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