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Adults to teens: You’re not great drivers

John Egan

Note to teen drivers: Your adult counterparts on the road don’t think so highly of you.

Eighty-one percent of adult drivers rate teens as “average” or “poor” drivers, according to a new survey by Allstate. The same percentage of adult drivers favors banning younger drivers from talking or texting on cellphones.

Other findings:

  • 76 percent of adult drivers back a minimum age of 16 to receive a learner’s permit.
  • 69 percent support requiring three stages of licensing for teens. That’s known as graduated driver licensing.
  • Seven in 10 drivers favor restricting unsupervised nighttime driving for people under age 18.
  • 65 percent support restricting the number of non-family passengers for drivers under age 18.

The survey of 1,000 American adults was conducted July 13-17, 2011. Of the 1,000 adults, the survey identified 848 drivers who hold a driver’s license and are behind the wheel at least occasionally. Financial Dynamics conducted the survey for Allstate.

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