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50 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World

Barrington Freight picked out 50 strange and obscure (well, at least to me) driving laws from around the world for your information (and enjoyment) and put them all together in a spiffy infographic.

Photo/table courtesy of Barrington Freight blog post

The infographic’s title calls the laws “insane,” but I don’t know if I’d use that word… I much prefer a lesser degree of that adjective. Maybe “crazy” or “weird.” But “insane”? Nah. The point of contention comes from the fact that some of the laws just sanction common sense and responsible driving (see Germany and France). So they could be construed as micro-manage-y, but not bonkers-cray-cray. (Though it’s kind of scary to think these laws were probably created due to actual incidents that warranted them!)

Anyways, diction aside: Some of the laws made me scoff, some made me giggle, and others made me question the sanity of that country or state’s officials.

Enjoy! 🙂

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