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5 Reasons To Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes Online And On The Phone

Finding low car insurance quotes can be difficult if you don’t take the right approach. Simply signing up with the first car insurance company that you see is a great way to get a policy quickly (and to lose money), but taking your time can make a huge difference in terms of the coverage you receive and the premiums you pay. Online car insurance quote comparison websites can be a great help, as they allow drivers to look at several quotes simultaneously, but the best way to handle car insurance is to combine online quotes with over-the-telephone quotes.

There are several reasons why this balanced approach seems to work well. For one, while online car insurance quotes tend to be fairly accurate, they’re also difficult to negotiate. When you talk to an insurance agent over the phone, you’re often able to talk them down on the cost of your car insurance coverage. This is especially true if you’ve already done your research online, as you can mention other quotes that you’ve received. This is another reason for a mixed approach–you can easily go back and forth, telling insurers about one quote while looking up several other quotes. You may even be able to afford more coverage than you’d thought, simply due to some quick negotiation and a small amount of research.

Online car insurance quotes are also sometimes inaccurate in very minor ways, and talking to an insurance agent over the phone can clear up some of these inaccuracies. For example, a website might not be up to date and could inaccurately list your state’s required minimum coverage levels. An insurance agent looking at the quote you’ve received will quickly spot this error. Alternately, online insurance quotes provide documentation for everything, while an on-the-phone representative can only offer to email or fax a driver pertinent documents. By combining both methods, you decrease the risk of any confusion that could lead to a bad policy with poor coverage or bad rates.

Finally, using a blend of online and over-the-phone car insurance quotes allows a consumer to learn more about his or her policy, and this can be worth quite a bit if you ever have to file a claim or if your rates go up and down during the life of your policy. Knowing about how insurance works, what’s required, and what different coverage types offer is invaluable, especially if you’re looking to get the lowest possible car insurance rates or the best coverage that you can afford. A balanced approach is always a good idea, and this is especially true when it comes to insurance.

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