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4 Ways To Reduce Auto Insurance Rates For Cargo Vans

If you use cargo vans for work, personal projects or family outings, you need to insure them. Whether you have one cargo van or a fleet of them, you can reduce the auto insurance rates by following these four steps.

First of all, remove your cargo vans from the road at night. Bad things happen when it's dark. Folks drink and drive more often at night. They're more likely to hit and run if they've been drinking. If you have a company parking lot, leave your cargo vans there overnight. Chain the gate and leave a couple big dogs there. Your cargo vans will be safe and your rates will go down. If you have a garage, that's better still.

A garage will guard your cargo vans against theft and vandalism, two common occurrences at night. As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. If you have your cargo vans hidden, it reduces your risk of theft. Vandalism is far less likely if your cargo vans are safely parked behind a garage door. Plus, a homeowner or business owner policy will cover any damage caused if your home or business is broken into and entered by burglars.

Raising the deductible on your policy is another way to reduce your auto insurance rates. By raising your deductible, you will need to pay more to have your cargo van repaired, but your auto insurance payments will decrease. If you don't get many tickets or have never had an accident, perhaps you can raise your deductible quite a bit. By assuming a larger percentage of the responsibility, you allow the insurance company to assume less responsibility. That will always have a profound effect on your auto insurance rates.

Should you have other drivers, such as employees, who routinely use your cargo vans, limit their use to employment-related trips only. Check their driving record before allowing them to drive your cargo vans. You don't want a chronic substance abuser driving on your policy. You're responsible for anything that goes wrong if another driver is behind the wheel of your cargo vans.

If you know what other drivers like you are paying for their auto insurance, you have an idea of whether you're overpaying or not. If you think your auto insurance rates are too high, do a little shopping and find a better deal. It's easy to find accurate quotes if you look around.

When applied across the board to a fleet of cargo vans, your company's auto insurance rates will plummet. If you follow these tips for personal cargo vans, you'll see a similar deduction for your personal vehicle.

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