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3 Ways For Experienced Drivers To Lower Their Insurance Rates

Throughout life, car insurance is a necessity you will always have to purchase. With car insurance discounts for safe and experienced drivers, you can save 25% or more off your current insurance premiums. If you have a clean driving record, three to five years of driving experience or a valid driver's education certificate, you may qualify for discounts of 10% or more off personal injury protection, medical coverage or your total premium. Although there are a number of car insurance discounts for mature, experienced drivers, senior citizens, and retirees, students can also qualify for policy discounts by completing a driver's education program.

For car insurance discounts, experienced drivers at any age can enroll in a voluntary defensive driving course. Now and then, all drivers get a little rusty on the rules of the road and safety regulations. Enrolling in a voluntary, state-authorized defensive driving course is an easy way for any driver to reduce car insurance rates. If you have points built up on your license or your record is clean, a certificate from a 6-hour defensive driving programs can reduce your car insurance premium by as much as 10%. Depending on your state's regulations and requirements, new drivers and young drivers can receive significant discounts for completing a state-authorized driver's ed program.

If you haven't received a traffic ticket or been in an accident for three years or more, you could be rewarded with a 25% discount off your car insurance policy for being an experienced driver with a track record for safety. Three consecutive accident and ticket-free years may qualify you for a car insurance discount of 10-15% while five years will qualify you for the maximum discount of 25%. In addition to discounts for safe and experienced drivers, a good driving record may qualify you for accident forgiveness. If you have a good driving record and you're involved in an accident, your rates are guaranteed to stay the same.

Mature drivers can be rewarded for their driving experience with special discounts for older drivers. Starting at age 55, retirees can qualify for car insurance discounts based on reduced driving and lower coverage risks. Senior citizens can also look forward to special discounts for a lifetime of driving experience. If you're an adult age 65 or over, you can qualify for discount rates on personal injury protection.

Discounts for senior citizens and retirees can only be acquired with age, but anyone can enroll in a defensive driving and reduce car insurance rates by 10%. Whether you have a safe driving record or a history of violations, car insurance discounts of 25% are incentive to drive safely.

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