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3 Car Insurance Tips For Handicapped Drivers

Car insurance quotes for disabled drivers can sometimes be a headache because the process is so in-depth. They will want to know some information about your disability so that they can properly assess your risk. In addition, every car insurance company wants to know your driving record, but when you are disabled, they want to know every detail about every incident. They also need to know whether or not the car is modified or adapted. Oftentimes this stronger magnification means we are unfairly overlooked for car insurance discounts, as well.

Just What Kind Of Medical Ailment Do You Have?

Once the car insurance company finds out that you are handicapped, they will want to get some basic information about your disability so that they can evaluate the risk you cause them. If you only have the use of one arm, for example, you should have no problem in getting any car insurance quotes. Alternatively, if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, you will probably have to show them you are on medication to prevent seizures and disclose how often they occur, or how long it’s been since your last seizure.

That Fender Bender in 1994.

Car insurance companies typically ask the potentially insured individual about their driving history and if there are any recorded incidents or accidents. If you are disabled, however, the company tends to scrutinize every blip on the radar from as far back as they want to go. Even if you weren’t at fault, be prepared to answer these questions to put yourself in a positive light.

Do You Have A Suicide Knob?

A Suicide Knob, also known as a Brodie Knob, is a small knob that is attached to a steering wheel. The driver uses the knob to turn the wheel, which makes it easier to turn. It was popular in the 1950s and 60s when power steering was a luxury, but today it has mostly been outlawed except for drivers who only have the capability to drive with one hand. If you have made any modifications like this to your car, it is imperative that you disclose it to the insurance company. If you are ever involved in an accident and the modification was not disclosed, the insurance company may not cover the damages.

Don’t Forget the Discounts.

When discussing your insurance quote, don’t forget to ask about any car insurance discounts for which you qualify. You are entitled to the same discounts as a non-disabled person, so ask for the safe driver discount, the multiple policy discounts, and the anti-theft discount, among others. Remember that if you don’t ask, you may not receive.

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