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2014 Cadillac ELR coupe

Cadillac released the 2014 ELR coupe, the hottest and sleekest looking electric car since Tesla released the Model S.

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of a gauntlet being thrown DOWN!

Photo made available by AP Photo/Cadillac, Richard Prince

An AP article gives more deets:

“It carries with it a four-cylinder gasoline engine. So when the electric power is depleted, the ELR switches seamlessly to the onboard engine and can, therefore, travel well over 300 miles.”

And that’s not it. There are no door handles!! You open the door by sliding your fingers on a designated area on the door and pressing an activation switch. (Kyaaa!! So cool!)

AND! When it’s charging, there are lit-up green stripes on the exterior mirrors and a light above the dashboard that changes colors.

Um, that sounds pretty cool. (Eeeee!) Well, pretty cool until you find out how much it is. The suggested price starts at $80,900– the highest asking price of any Cadillac ever. So, unless you have a bunch of monies just lying around, save up for this sexy thang.

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