2013 Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Survey

The 2013 Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Survey is out! This list ranks the dependability of cars based on the history of 1.1 million vehicles.

Staying steady at numero dos is Toyota (not the only good news for that automaker, as global sales also show that it’s number one in auto sales this year). 

And although Ford’s Q3 earnings have recently surged overseas, the company is still struggling in the bottom three of this survey.

You'll need to sign in or subscribe to ConsumerReports.org to see their full list of the survey results, but CNBC had a pretty good roundup in their coverage of the report- and an awesome table... which I pasted below! (Thanks, CNBC!!)

Photo/table courtesy of CNBC & ConsumerReports.org survey

Another fun thing to note is that it was Tesla's first time on the report. It'll be interesting to keep track of that automaker and see how much they move up or down in future surveys.

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