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American International Group, AIG, specializes in mutual funds and insurance annuities. Based in New York City, the company provides a wide array of insurance services. From commercial to industrial insurance, they are the largest underwriter of these services in the U.S. The firm also offers travel, life, and automobile insurance to countless clients. As an industry leader, AIG car insurance is widely utilized and highly dependable. From cars and motorcycles to recreational vehicles, they service a wide array of customers with competitive rates. The company sells auto insurance policies via AIG Direct, its subsidiary unit. They, however, recently sold a portion of this unit to Farmers Insurance Group.

With over 100,000 employees, AIG remains a top insurance provider. Once the 18th-largest public traded company, the firm has years of industry experience. With offices in Europe and Asia, the company also has a solid international presence. They play an intricate role in the global marketplace, with true brand validity and market appeal. Led by Harvey Golub, Chairman, the firm even sponsored the legendary Manchester United Football Club. With several products and services, AIG car insurance remains a highly sought after service. The company delivers true auto coverage, with cost-effective solutions and specialized plans. From the U.S. to the Far East, thousands of drivers utilize their insurance policies and programs.

AIG stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Their common stock is also listed in Tokyo and Ireland. With operations in over 130 nations, they have an extensive network of insurance providers. From domestic to global vendors, their services are firmly established. The company also provides retirement services and life insurance. You can easily find term life insurance quotes from their site. With a high volume of investors, the firm continues to grow and expand. In addition to life and auto insurance, Travel Guard is a featured product for world travelers. Based in Wisconsin, this program specializes in travel insurance, emergency assistance, and service plans. With centers throughout North America, they service a range of international customers. The benefits include emergency cash, medical expenses, and lost luggage. The program also offers travel tips, preparation, and online resources.

AIG continues to be a worldwide insurance leader. With a strong emphasis on customer service, the company has a diverse portfolio. Whether your seek auto, life, or business insurance, AIG will meet your needs within time and budget. With a strong web presence, they facilitate timely requests. From single to family coverage, go no further than American International Group.

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