What ups the drama in a music video? A car crash, of course

Music videos typically like to amp up the drama - and nothing says drama like a life or death situation. 

And what's a classic example of a dramatic life or death situation? A fiery car crash explosion. And music artists have featured car wrecks in their music since time immemoriam. 

Here are some music videos where a car crash has been thrown into the mix - with mixed results.

1. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around, Comes Around

Apparently blond saucepot, Scarlett Johansson, playing Timberlake's unfaithful girlfriend, wasn't enough on her own to make this video compelling. If you can sit through Timberlake's execrable "acting" at various points in the video, you'll see Johansson die when her Corvette inexplicably hits an already crashed car.

2. Coldplay - The Scientist

When Chris Martin isn't cavorting with the actress du jour of any given moment, he's making pretty decent music videos with his band. This one, where time runs backwards to a brutal looking rollover and the prone body of Martin's dead girlfriend (another dead girlfriend!), is sweetly melancholy. 

3. Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

This video starts off like many other videos - man is speeding in his car on a lonely country road. Then there's a deer - then there's a slow motion rollover sequence that, despite the violence of what's happening, is strangely beautiful. 

4. Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl

In this video, Madonna - a good friend of controversy - decided to make some kind of feminist statement by blithely hopping into a yellow-and-black Camaro and going on a road rage frenzy with a hapless grandmother. Lovers of classic cars, mourn together: At the end of the video, a Firebird is unequivocally totaled on a lamppost.

5. Eminem - Stan

In this video mediation on the double-edged sword of fame, Stan, an obsessive Eminem fan, loses his mind when he doesn't hear from his idol and hurtles off a bridge on a stormy night. It's particularly chilling when you see the car sinking through the water while Dido warbles "The morning rain clouds up my window."

So, what do you think the best music videos featuring car crashes are? Please let us know in the comments below. 

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