The top 6 dumbest car crashes

When it comes to car crashes, drivers tend to be their own worst enemies, causing mishaps that may increase how much they pay for car insurance.

Mistakes drivers make include everything from forgetting to set emergency brakes to testing the limits of a car's ability to climb steep terrain.

In addition to damaging their cars, the mistakes drivers make put dents in bank accounts, since insurers factor in driving records when setting premiums. The Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association says insurers pay about 50 percent of the costs of vehicle crashes nationwide – and chances are, these extra costs are passed on to the consumer.

The following six crashes are examples of accidents that could’ve been avoided if the drivers only had stopped to think about the dumb risks they were taking. Because the accidents were captured on video, we can enjoy a laugh while learning from the mistakes of others. Let's hope that the only thing they hurt was their pride. 

The top 6 dumbest car crashes

1. Crazy stunts like this won't impress your friends. 

What begins as an attempt to impress friends and defy gravity ends in embarrassment for the driver in this video. The driver attempts to drive his SUV to the top of a steep rock -- but unfortunately for him, gravity wins out and the car flips backward. The spectators in the video who urged the driver to try this stunt may have felt rather guilty afterward.  

2. Carelessly opening the door of a parked can have unintended consequences.

People who parallel park and throw open their car doors without checking for oncoming traffic are a headache for other motorists. This accident causes a comical pileup of motorbikes when a car door suddenly opens into the roadway, giving the bikes no time to veer out of the way.

3. For some people, loading a car onto a truck is harder than it should be.

Loading a car onto a truck isn't rocket science. In theory, all you need is a solid ramp and a driver who knows how to steer. The people in this video demonstrate that even a simple task can be turned into a comical disaster. The frail and rickety ramp they put together looks as if it was built to collapse. Perhaps the barking dog we hear in the background is trying to warn these folks that they're headed for trouble. 

4. Driving too fast on ice is a slippery proposition.   

Icy roads and speed don't mix, but some drivers never seem to get the message. Someone set up a camera on a cold day and patiently watched as driver after driver took a corner much too fast, spinning out and crashing. At least these drivers provided onlookers with some entertainment.

5. Carelessness can turn your hardtop into a convertible.

Racing to see if you can get into a parking garage before a descending door closes on your car is just plain foolhardy. The door takes a chunk off the car's roof as he drives through. Whatever motivated this driver to drive beneath a closing door probably didn't seem all that important when he was surveying the damage. 

6. Icy conditions create a slow-motion disaster for this tow truck driver.

What's worse than having the truck you're towing fall off a cliff? How about having the falling vehicle drag your tow truck down with it? This video is from Norway, where they're supposed to know all about the dangers of driving on ice and snow. It proves that such mishaps can happen anywhere. This crash happens so slowly that the driver of the tow truck has just enough time to escape his vehicle before it goes over the edge.

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