Cooking on your car engine - because why not?

Before you head out on that long road trip to get to your turkey destination, wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself a little treat at the end of it?

That’s exactly what Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide To Cooking On Your Car Engine can do for you.

cooking on car engine

(photo courtesy of an AOL Autos article)

The book includes a recipe for using your car engine to cook (read: steam) a turkey. There are a few ground rules, though: The trek needs to be longer than 220 miles and it can’t really be a whole turkey (“you'll have to settle for the breast, about five pounds of it, cut into slices and wrapped in foil,” says Carty, Senior Editor for AOL Autos).

A very interesting concept, indeed. Although I’m almost afraid to ask how these recipes were discovered. Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :) 

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